Five Ways To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life


Often we find ourselves in auto-pilot, running from one place to the next without paying attention or becoming lost in social media unaware of the passing time.  We are too busy struggling to get stuff done that we stop paying attention to the journey and ourselves.  Here are 5 ways to get that attention back and live in the present moment.

  • MEDITATE. Start with a one-minute meditation a day. Set your phone timer and sit for a minute. Notice what that feels like and add time when you are ready.

  • SLOW YOUR ROLL. The next chore or task you take on challenge yourself to do it slowly. Dishes? Notice how the water feels, check out the soap bubbles, listen to the sound of the running water.

  • LEAVE EARLY. Always running late? Try leaving early. Allow yourself to notice what is happening around you as you move from place to place.

  • GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Keeping a journal and writing down things that we are grateful for allows us to take notice of our daily lives.

  • CONNECT WITH NATURE. Whether you’re out in the ocean surfing or hiking your favorite trail being in nature allows us to connect in the moment.