“I feel that anything that’s worth doing is going to be difficult. Taking a step outside and doing something you’ve never done before is a journey of self discovery. This experience has changed my life and I wouldn’t change the past two months for all the money in the world. I am so very grateful I can’t even begin to express how much this has enriched my stale and stagnant life.”  -G.G.

“This program reminded me that life can have its challenges but you can get through them and keep going. Life is like the ocean: unpredictable but beautiful just the same.” -S.S. 

“My whole life I’ve always felt like the ocean was calling me and I’m so glad I answered her call. I feel more complete as a person now that I have done this program.” -A.C. 

“This program taught me that every day is going to be different, just like the waves. I realized I shouldn’t give up so easily, that with patience and determination I will eventually get through it.” -C.V.

“Saltwater Sessions has been the most exciting and fun experience I’ve had in a long time. Being on a surfboard out in the the ocean gave me an experience I’ve never had before. It showed me there’s a lot more to life than just the little box I was living in.” -G.R. 

"The Saltwater Sessions retreat in Waikiki was transformative for me in more ways than one. As a novice surfer who had been trying to learn for several years, I was super frustrated with my slow progress in the water. The SWS retreat helped me push through those blocks, and recover the joy and wonder that drew me to surfing in the first place. In Waikiki we were blessed with extraordinarily perfect surf conditions for beginners, coaching that was both technically outstanding and super uplifting - and most importantly, on-land debriefs that helped me unpack the mental barriers that were getting in my way, both in the water and in life. Lena and her team have designed a truly unique program that is accessible to anyone.  I’ll be carrying the lessons learned there to every part of my life."
- Mona E., Brooklyn, NY

“I’d been wanting to learn to surf for a while, and Saltwater Sessions’ unique approach felt right to me as soon as I found it. Learning to surf was in many ways something I wanted to explore because it scared me. The beauty of surfers gliding along the unpredictable great big ocean always seemed like the antithesis of how I lived my life, which was much more in the pursuit of comfort and safety. The Saltwater Sessions Hawaiian retreat was an incredible experience. Lena’s morning sessions overlooking the water were very instrumental in the process of making the experience a mindful and transformative one. We would then hop on our boards and make our way into the waves, and I felt very safe in the hands of the amazing surf instructors, who taught us everything we could want to know in navigating the ocean. I stood up seven times in the first day - which I never imagined could possibly happen. There was a clear analogy between how our state of mind impacted how we faired on the waves. It was the perfect getaway, with an incredible program as well as all the trimmings of a fantastic vacation. I loved every minute of it, and I’m grateful to have returned home with surfing as both a skill and a metaphor for navigating life.”
- Lital S, Los Angeles, CA

“You won’t regret a moment with Saltwater Sessions. The experiences I had in the ocean revealed a part of me I didn’t know how to access. This program gave me the tools to recognize, harness and translate my feelings of frustration into positive and constructive thoughts. I have something tangible to use in my daily life as a reminder that every day is different and that’s okay. To struggle is not a sign of failure. And never give up on something you love because you never know what beautiful things will be revealed.”
-Allison S., Manhattan, NY