"Fall seven times, stand up eight." – Japanese Proverb

Saltwater Sessions encompasses more than just surfing. Our unique approach integrates three clinically proven techniques:

Green Exercise – physical activity in the presence of nature.

Mindfulness Practice – developing moment by moment awareness leading to increased emotional intelligence and self-control.

Positive reappraisal – a process where challenging events are re-constructed as valuable and beneficial. 

Saltwater Sessions meets once a week for four or eight weeks. Each session is organized around a theme that frames the challenges and rewards of surfing as metaphors for life on dry land.  Participants learn how to shift their perception from feelings of frustration and difficulty to an in-the-moment awareness of the ocean environment, their own bodies, and the content of their minds. These experiential acts of mindfulness reduce frustration and reactivity. Attention becomes rooted in the moment, and experience becomes something to cherish rather than escape.